Decorating with Cool Colors – Part 2

Sidekicks for Blue

Blue paired with subtle accent colors and natural elements looks pretty, not pretentious.
Make it work for you:
— Use natural bamboo shades to add texture and to keep the blue from looking overdone.
— Choose a warm accent color and sneak it in, like the yellow strip on the armchair and the checked rug.
— Vary the patterns on the larger elements in the room. Go with solid on the wall, striped on the chair, and a casual floral for the headboard.

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6 Timeless Bathroom Color Schemes

Bathrooms can be one of the most challenging rooms to overhaul. Renovating them can not only put a strain on your time and budget, but it puts the room out of commission while the work’s being done. No one wants to renovate their bathroom more often than necessary, and for this reason many people are afraid to use color — what happens if the colors you choose fall out of favor and affect the value of your house? But white isn’t the only way to downplay the risk. Here are six color combinations that will always be winners. … Continue reading

Do You Really Need Primer Coat Before Painting?

What is Primer?

The primer must be applied before painting either in outside building’s components or inside partitions and walls. It is really important to prepare the surface by sanding it before applying any coat of primer paint.The most important function of the primer is that it will assure that the surface being painted will last longer and the final product can  be more eye-appealing. Furthermore, applying primer before the paint coat will provide extended paint coverage and will provide a smoother finish appearance. … Continue reading

Preparing the Surface for Painting

Paintwork creates the final look and personality of your home so it’s worth taking your time to prepare surfaces properly. Read on for tips on how to prepare ceilings walls and other types of surfaces for a professional paint job.

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How To Add Spring Colors to Your Home

We’ve seen a lot of bright colors used in spring 2016 fashions, but why leave the hues to the runway when you can bring them into your home? Style goes far beyond what you wear, so be creative and make a statement using your furniture, art, walls, and decor. Whether it’s what you’re wearing on your arm or hanging on your wall, the best part of fashion is that you can push the limits of what’s conventional to create a unique style. … Continue reading

10 Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Why do we find one place appealing and are uneasy in another? Why are we attracted to one product over another? Color—whether architectural or in products—accounts for 60 percent of our response to an object or a place. … Continue reading