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Satin Enamel Interior Paint and Primer in One features a durable. Raw­material formulation that dries to an easy­clean pearl­like sheen. The mildew­resistant combination paint and primer offers excellent coverage and features NanoGuard technology to provide optimal protection for interior walls and trim.

Available in: 1 Gl. & 5 G.

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Clean, dull and dry surface

Stir paint thoroughly

Start at ceiling edge

Paint "N" pattern - fill in

Paint trim last

Soap and water clean up

Where to use: Walls, cabinets, ceilings, trim and doors. Use over drywall, wood, concrete/brick, plaster and wallpaper.

How much do you need: For one coat coverage, apply at a maximum of 400 square feet per gallon. Rough or texture surfaces may require more ­ allow for 125­300 square feet per gallon. Do not thin.

What tools to use: May be applied with a quality roller, a nylon/polyester brush, or a paint pad.

How to apply: Room and surface temperature must be 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow at least 4 hours of drying time before recoating. Mix gallons together for color and sheen uniformity when using more than one gallon of the same product.

Care for freshly painted surfaces: Freshly painted surfaces may be washed after 30 days. Until then avoid touching, wiping, or wetting the surface. Then clean with mild, non­abrasive, non­oily cleanser and water. Do not place objects on painted surfaces until thoroughly dry. Soap and water cleanup.

How to prepare the surface
Previously Painted Surfaces: Remove loose paint, wash with a mild, non­abrasive, non­oily cleanser and water. Rinse completely, let dry. Patch holes and cracks with spackling paste and let dry. Sand patched area and wipe residue. Sand all smooth or glossy surfaces, rinse well.