How To Add Spring Colors to Your Home

We’ve seen a lot of bright colors used in spring 2016 fashions, but why leave the hues to the runway when you can bring them into your home? Style goes far beyond what you wear, so be creative and make a statement using your furniture, art, walls, and decor. Whether it’s what you’re wearing on your arm or hanging on your wall, the best part of fashion is that you can push the limits of what’s conventional to create a unique style.

One of our favorite fashion week trends is color blocking, which is combining multiple solid colors into one look. In fashion you can accomplish this by wearing different colored pieces and accessories, but it works just as well in your home. Color blocking is perfect this time of year because the variety of spring colors brightens your home for the warmer weather around the corner. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Kirkland’s products that will help you bring this trend into every room this spring!

A good start to color blocking is using colors opposite on the color wheel. You can also combine colors in a similar color family, such as oranges with reds. Of course, these are just suggestions. You can create a color blocking look using any variety of hues!

You can bring color blocking into your living room using wall décor, rugs, curtains, furniture, accessories and more. Try some of our colored curtains to really brighten up a room. If you have red-based wall art, try curtains in green. Mix orange curtains to contrast your blue accessories.

For a toned down version of color blocking in your living room, you can add numerous pillows in a variety of colors to your sofas and chairs. If your furniture is neutral, use our buttoned linen pillows in red and yellow. These neutral tones in different shades capture the essence of color blocking without being too flashy.

You can mix up your walls by adding pops of color in the form of wall décor. Don’t be afraid to place contrasting pieces on colored walls! We love our metal wall plaques, which add a touch of spring and brightness to any room. Try placing them in purple and blue on a yellow or orange wall.

Since the weather is slowly but surely warming up, bring your new color blocking style outside! This turquoise convertible outdoor chaise lounge, combined with brightly colored pillows, will liven up your outdoor seating.

Remember: when it comes to fashion there are no rules. We hope these pieces inspire you to create your own color blocking styles in your home this spring!

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